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Teaching at the ACTRA Winter Conference 2017

As an Acting coach

Lori has a diverse background that set her apart. She’s worked for over 25 years as an actor, writer, comedian, & voice over artist; but also as a reader/director for most of Toronto's busiest casting directors. She excels in her ability to pinpoint an actors weakness, but also give them the tools (in 30 seconds or less) to get over their obstacles (whether they be related to script analysis or technique). Between Circle in the Square & HB Studio, Lori spent 5 years studying in New York. Her most influential teachers were: Uta Hagen, Philip Seymour Hoffman & Austin Pendleton. In addition to teaching classes, she's a private coach who's worked with Guest Stars on several TV shows including: This is Wonderland, LA Complex, Ascension and Orphan Black. Lori is the president of TAAS http://www.torontoactingstudios.com and owner of Playworks www.lpplayworks.com 


WINTER 2019 Session

Adults Audition Technique, Scene Study, Improv intensive Class

(small class size) Wednesdays March 6th - April 3rd @ 7-9:30pm


Dufferin & Lawrence studio location

If you'd like to audit a class for free email: loripearlstein@me.com


Thanks to eBOSS Canada for asking such great questions. 

I always love sharing my thoughts on Acting.


George Sekanina


"I attended the fall ACTRA conference; got a chance to listen to Canadian actor Michael Riley...everything  he said about the craft and finding your way was exactly what you taught me. You are awesome!…Of course I also have you to thank for your gritty no holds bar approach to teaching. You da best! I always took notes and it has helped immensely in my acting journey." 

Dawna Marie Wright

"You are a joyful delight. I much enjoyed your class, your perspective, your knowledge...your sharing...you have a way of saying it like it is...with honesty and passion!"

Charles Gordon


"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed and benefited from your knowledge and insights. I think you are an absolute delight. Engaging, animated, funny, professional, honest and interesting.  There are lots of phony, delusional people in this business, so I’m always happy to meet and be exposed to someone of your caliber. I’ll be back to you again for …more Pearlstein!!" 



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